Buying older medical equipment
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Does anyone know of a resource for buying older medical equipment for export to Africa?

I have recently become friendly with a doctor from Nigeria who has a practice in a local hospital in New York. He is starting to send optical medical equipment to Africa and through our conversations has decided to buy older analog equipment rather than newer digital as repairs would be easier. Does anyone know a resource for buying older medical equipment. It seems like medical equipment like all other technologies go out of date and need to be recycled, where do they go?
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Hope his idea works. In South Africa, the biggest hospital problem is theft of equipment and supplies (I've a friend that's a surgeon in a township hospital).
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There are quite a few distributors of old and used medical equipment. Try Googling 'used medical equipment,' and be sure to look at Labx and Pemed.
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I've got an acquaintance who used to send old medical equipment to Central America. I'll give her a call when I get back in town next week.
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