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End of the semester adventure???

Five o'clock today I got to leave campus -- and stress and commitments -- behind. And I won't be back for a good enough while.

I have the insatiable urge to get in the car and drive far, far away. I'm sure you know the feeling. But as satisfying as that daydream is, that isn't a viable option. Even if it were, I wouldn't know where to go.

So, my question: How can I let loose and get some excitement in other ways? I live in a middle-sized town in WI. Not much to do here besides drink, and that's not my kind of adventure. Any ideas??

Thanks in advance -- and I hope that your pre-holiday time is treating you well!
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Do you have access to a swimming pool? A nice long swim always feels like a visit to another plane to me. Alternatively, you could take a nice long bath, and soak your shoulders out of their book holding/ typing position.
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Can you go camping or hiking? I always want to get out in nature after a stressful semester.
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I walked 30 miles on rural back roads to a good friend's house while listening to the Lord of the Rings on audiobook, got there, ate a million pounds of sushi, got drunk, and made out with him. The walking was a great break, I didn't feel worried about being alone or getting lost because I was within cellphone service the whole time, there was no traffic, I got to relax and get some sun and exercise and see a lot of interesting flora and fauna, and there was booze and kissing waiting at the end. Highly recommended.
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Nice suggestions, thanks. I could do with a hot bath... hm.

Hiking... walking. Good idea. I would love to find a nice frozen body of water to skate / play hockey on, but this winter has been pretty pathetic so far.
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I feel you way too well.

I have decided the magic of travel is that it gets you out of that rut. And I have gotten in the car and drove and drove until I was far out of that rut. It's wonderful. My current plan is a hostel in Ashville, NC for a few days, but probably not happening. Adult type stuff is a real drag. Yikes. I just called myself an adult.

I'm guessing you're living at home with the parents for the holiday, doing the same thing you have done every year for the past many. Probably with no money. If you're lucky you have access to a car. Maybe you are working that same job you have been working for the past couple. It might be ok, but it's same old, same old.

So you need to get out of that rut. Without travel it's harder, but it's still (probably) possible. You need to get yourself a nice jolt. Are you the type that says no too much? Think about it, and then try saying yes to new opportunities more. And yes it often seems really weird. I'm going to be hating myself for saying yes around 5am tomorrow, but that's the cost of it sometimes. Try getting yourself a totally new job. At this point the money matters less than the actual experience. Say no to most anything retail/food industry/mind numming manual labor(unless there is something in there fascinating, and there sometimes is.) and try some job totally different. Or, since this is metafilter, volunteer in something. The idea here is to try/see/do new things. Stretch your mind! It doesent have to be work, but that's the easy low hanging fruit.

Try avoiding the internet. And computers. Personally, the internet is easily my fasted and deepest rut digger. Trust me, all of us mefites are not worth actual reality. Or don't trust me. Don't forget about the stars though!

Get out of your comfort zone.

All my advice. It all sounds so simple, but it may be really hard for you. It's ok. It's really hard for me. I'm lucky living where I do, there is lots going on. Good luck. I got out of a huge rut a year ago. I learned much about everything. You can see more when you arnt deep inside a rut.
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Go on a long walk and then go zip lining.
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If you're in WI and want to skate, can you get to Milwaukee and visit the Pettit speed skating oval? It would cost you about $13 for a session (incl. skate rental), and you can see the schedule here.

If you've skated but never speed skated before, you're in for a treat. I don't know if you can rent speed skates during normal public skating times, but you could call and check. Just hockey skating on the giant oval is fun, too, since it's so big and you can get up a lot of speed if you're even moderately decent at crossovers. Having all the space you could want to just go as fast as you can for as many laps as you can handle makes for a nice physical rush/release.

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Folk -- thanks for that. That's the sort of pep talk I've been needing. Say yes to more things, take more risks.

BlooPen -- intriguing, I would love to try that! Thanks for the idea.
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