I want to buy a pair of sweatpants that say "POTUS" on the butt
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Imagine those sweat pants with the classic college lettering of your school name on the butt. I would like to purchase a pair in that theme, but the lettering says "POTUS". My searches have turned up nothing so far. I'm open to online options or places in D.C. as I'll be there for a few days next week. Help me make this happen!
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Go to zazzle.com and make your own??
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You can do make them yourself on CafePress -- here's their custom lounge pant section.
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You can make custom sweat pants at Cafe Press, too.
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DC colleges should have campus stores for Greeks (though I am unable to tell you which DC colleges are in the Greek system.) If what you want is sweatpants with traditional outlined letters like this, those are actually two layers of lettering - one for the white outline and one with the coloured or patterned letter stitched on top. That is not the kind of thing you can do at Cafe Press etc as far as I know. You can also order online at Greek Threads but most online places are only setup for three letters.

If you don't want traditional greek lettering and jost want ironed on letters then Zazzle or Cafe Press will be grand.
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Neighborhoodies has men's fleece pants you can customize with stitched or printed lettering.
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Yep, amoeba beat me to it, this is exactly what Neighborhoodies is for. I had a great sweatshirt from them.
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