Car dock for a Nexus 4?
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Please suggest a good car dock for the Google Nexus 4.

I'd like to position the phone to use GPS and turn-by-turn navigation, and am looking for something that can hold this relatively large device. With case, it measures around 75 mm wide and 138 mm long, which is just outside of what most docks support, particularly in width. Any suggestions?

Bonus: dock supports Qi charging standard (though this is really optional).
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I'm a former giant-phone owner (HTC Thunderbolt with extended battery - might as well have been carrying a touchscreen-enabled brick in my pocket), and the Arkon worked splendidly for it.
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If you don't mind plugging your CD player (and perhaps obscuring some of your in-dash system) then Mountek's mount is pretty good. I used that with a big-ass Galaxy Note this summer and it was solid.
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Oh, thanks. Alas, my car is old enough not to have a CD player (tape deck only).
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We've been really happy with the proclip ones for our phones. They make a mount specific to your vehicle and a holder specific to you device. The two hook together at a ball joint. Their installation videos are great. Doing two cars took me all of fifteen minutes and they've been rock-solid. We've been using ours now for more than a year with no trouble. Very nice for GPS or hooking into the stereo for road trips. You will need a power cable for the 12 volt "cigarette" plug too, however.
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I bought this iOttie mount and am happy with it. Caveat: I have a Galaxy Nexus with a Diztronic TPU case, but if you search the amazon reviews, there is someone who says it works with the Nexus 4 as well.

Looking at the measurements, I think it would work for your Nexus 4 with case, since the mount fits the Galaxy Note which has measurements of 146.85 x 82.95 x 9.65 mm.
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Thanks everyone!
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