Please help me remember a short story!
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Short story help, please. I remember this...

In the mid 1970s, I read a long scifi short story. It was published in an anthology(maybe Alfred Hitchcock?). It was about a man discovering a group of time travelers in San Francisco. They are from our not too distant future and are tourists. I think the theme of the time travel is to experience a perfect season throughout history. Some of them are humming or singing tunes from Chaucerian England as that was their last stop on the tour. The man has a brief affair with one of the women from the future. There is a musician from the future who is here to gather material for his next opus.The man learns that there is a big disaster imminent (earthquake?). I don't quite remember the next bits, but the story ends with him dying in an explosion in an effort to stop the plague.
It is not Jack London's Red Plague and my googling only shows modern stories.
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Vintage Season
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Vint-- dammit.
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It's totally Vintage Season, and for the record, that loosely-based-on movie version with Jeff Daniels is... well, Jeff Daniels is a fine and upstanding human being whom I would love to have a beer with, and that is all I will say about that movie.
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Thanks, hivemind! Now I can sleep tonight. After having reread the story, of course. I didn't know there was a movie made and I may well eschew it.
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I call time travel, so I am actually answering first: It's Vintage Season by Kuttner and Moore.
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