Is a wristlet a bad gift for a new mom?
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Is a wristlet a bad gift for a new mom?

I'd like to get my two sisters-in-law matching, fancy wristlets for Christmas. I'm fairly certain my younger sister-in-law will like it but my older sister-in-law just had a baby this week and I'm not sure if it's going to come across as totally ridiculous.

Not having had any babies myself, I've been going back and forth in my brain between:

A. She has a baby. She is going to carry around a ton of stuff and none of it fits in a wristlet. It's silly of you to think a new mom would have any use for a wristlet and you will appear thoughtless.


B. She has a big diaper bag to lug around, maybe a wristlet would be a nice thing to have as well so she can easily find her keys and cards quickly. She deserves something sweet and fancy and totally unrelated to the baby because all she's been getting lately is baby stuff.

So, what do you think? I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you!
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B, for it's second reason: it'll be nice to get something non-baby. Sooner or later she's going to get to go out without the baby and won't it be nice to carry the wristlet then.
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I can say that (1) I have no idea what a wristlet is, so probably a link of some sort is good, but also (2) that your point B is a good one -- while having a new baby is overwhelming, you do appreciate being remembered as an individual yourself, so even if she doesn't start using it right away, she'll appreciate a trendy cute gift.
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Yeah, she hasn't stopped being a person of her own the moment she became a mother, so your reasoning for B is very sound and would be how I'd interpret a gift like that!
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I vote give her the wristlet, but in the card write something acknowledging that she may be carrying a diaper bag most of the time, but she "deserves something sweet and fancy and totally unrelated to the baby because all she's been getting lately is baby stuff." Because that is thoughtful, sweet, and lovely.
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I'd say B. definitely. During my diaper-bag-lugging years, I alternated between One Huge Colossal Bag of Everything and carrying two bags, one being a small "me" bag and the other being the diaper bag. Although I liked only having to hang onto one bag, the advantage to having two is exactly what you said, keeping cards and keys, etc, in one spot that is separate. It is a variant on Murphy's law that whatever you need most will be sucked into the absolute bottom of whatever bag you are carrying.
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Yes on the Wristlet, I love the ones I have!!! So easy to just grab the essential things that I need out of a bigger bag. I have a child and it's great when I don't have dig through her stuff to get to mine. For work, it is cool to just pull it out to get lunch. So many reasons it's great to have a wristlet!
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I think that (B) makes sense because when I was carting a baby around, I had this little organizer thing that I could switch from my purse (if I was somewhere like work where I only needed a purse) to my diaper bag (when I was with my son) so that I wouldn't have to carry both when I was with him. Maybe because of your worry you mentioned in (A), you might mention something like that in the card so that she realizes that you did put some thought into it.
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B for sure. I think the wristlet is a great idea. It's not another baby thing, it's a fun little bit of fanciness, and it's super useful because she can throw it in any larger bag or carry it solo when she needs only the essentials.

I am now nostalgic for my wristlet. Why did I give it away? Those things are great.
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If she would have liked the wristlet before the baby, she will still like it now!

I say that partially because I would have no idea what to do with a wristlet.
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C: It's a nice gift and if she doesn't like it, she can use it to house nappy sacks in her new giant diaper bag. Win all around.
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Flash forward several years: that wristlet holds my tiny essentials (wallet lipstick pepper spray etc) inside my cavernous messenger bag, making it easy to fish out. I can't imagine life without it.
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I would have killed for one after Boy theBRKP was born, for the exact reasons you described in point B. Go for it.
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B, but make sure fancy doesn't mean silk, suede, or otherwise ruined by moisture. Leather is great.
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B - I do not have children but I do cart around a large work bag or two at all times and having a small bag that contains your essentials that you can find easily in the big bag and grab on its own to go to lunch or whatever is brilliant. Even better if it can double as something you can use to go out as even a new mom will get to leave the house without baby at some point (hopefully!).
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I love wristlets. I only wear mine when I'm going out, which is rarer now that I have kids, but that much more precious and appreciated. Go for it.
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A wristlet is an AWESOME gift for a new mom, says this mom-who-was-new-until-recently.
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it's perfect for a new mom! believe me, with all the baby crap she has to carry, having a small tiny cute wristlet will be perfect for her stuff.
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Do it! It's a sweet gift.
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I loved having teensy purses for MY stuff that didn't hinder carrying a bag of kid crap around.

Also, I got so many "mommy" gifts for Christmas the year I had a November baby that there are still people I'd like to punch in the face years later.
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I love my wristlet. I had one before, then my sister in law found someone who worked at Coach and my mother in law bought the three of us matching wristlets. I got my bestie one for Christmas. Love love love. Great gift idea!
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Depending on the size, a wristlet is essentially a wallet replacement, so it's not a ridiculous gift at all. Unless you're talking about a sequined, delicate wristlet that isn't meant for everyday use.

For either sister-in-law, make sure you're getting a reasonable size. Some of the smaller wristlets won't comfortably fit phone + lip balm.
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I had never even heard of a wristlet until last night, when a friend of mine who has twins under the age of 2 started talking about how much she loves hers for everyday use when she's out running errands with the kids. I think that puts me in the "do it" camp along with everyone else in this thread.
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I have a leather coach wristlet (the larger size that has space for cards, cash, lipstick, cell phone and a zippered coin pouch. It is AMAZING because it fits into the front pocket of the diaper bag but when I am going out without the kid I can just take my wristlet without any effort. When I bought it before I was pregnant I had no idea that it would become my everyday go-to bag.

What makes it work though is that its not just a small zippered sack on a string like some wristlets are. Its more like a long wallet on a strap. I also love that its leather which makes for easy cleaning.
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I say for sure. It's nice to have a smaller bag with essentials to throw into the diaper bag. And that can be used when you're not with the baby. My sister gave me a nice Coach wristlet when my boys were babies, and I still use it and love it. (They're five now.)
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I would have LOVED a wristlet when kiddo was little - even though we were able to pack pretty small it would have been great to have keys/cards right there (when I wasn't wearing something with pockets). They can go into bigger bags as well. But it would have been particularly awesome for public transporting as well.

I'm so making myself one now actually.
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Thanks everybody! That was super helpful. AskMeFi is the best.
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