centering circular cake boards
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[geometryfilter] I have to assemble a tiered cake stand to hold cupcakes at a wedding tomorrow. The tiers and the styrofoam thingies that will separate the tiers are all circular. How do I make sure that I get each tier centered properly on the next?
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You can easily find the centers of each piece using a ruler (or anything that has a known middlepoint, like a thread with a knot in the center) and anything that has a right angle (like a book), with this technique.
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Can you drill a hole through the centre of each circular thing?
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How many levels are there, and how many 'thingies' that support them? If it's not too complex and is held together by gravity, you can probably just eyeball it; put it together, stand back and look from multiple angles, and adjust.
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Ah, with halogen's link I managed to overcome the 'how the hell' obstacle. Maybe it wasn't the most elegant method, but I ended up making pencil markings of where the styrofoam things should sit before attacking with a hot glue gun. It's not perfect, but it's done. Thank you!
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Just for reference: if your forms are irregularly shaped, yet similar in density, then you can use this method to find the center of mass, which for a circle with uniform density will be the center.

Basically: hang the object from an arbitrary point, let it dangle, draw a line from the point directly vertically down to the ground. Take a second arbitrary point, let it dangle, draw a line. The intersection of the two lines is the center of mass.
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