Cedar Sake Ball: Make or purchase, either one?
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Where can I either obtain instructions to make, or simply purchase, a cedar Sake ball? My Google skills are failing me completely.
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Not great translation on how to make sugidama. photo here
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It looks like you take a lot of twigs off a Japanese Cedar, and then stuff them into a circular mesh form made out of steel? or basketworked bamboo lathe in Ideeefixe's photo and then hedge trimmer to taste.

Other conifers might work if you're not a purist, although the smell would be a bit different,

If I was in the States and really really needed one and didn't want to make it, I'd have a Japanese-owned plant nursery / gardener knock one together. Or source the right sort of snippits from a place reshaping Christmas trees before selling them.
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Best answer: This article links to photo instructions. The link is dead, but it's still up on web.archive.org.
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Image of a halfway-constructed one using a finer mesh than in the instructions zamboni found, linked from here.
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Response by poster: Thank you all--that is very helpful!
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