Ich weiße nicht!
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What is this greeting?/ Was dieser Gruß?

I am taking the "Deutsch - Warum Nicht?" podcast series of German lessons from Deutsche Welle, and I can't find the greeting used for each lesson that's said after the opening audio sting.

It sounds like the guy is saying "Liebe Hernegergen und heure." Is that what he's saying? I checked in the printed materials and Google also, und nicht! I'm one of those people who needs to see the words as I hear them, and this is starting to really bug me. Wirklich.

Can any Deutsch speakers help?

Vielen dank.
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Liebe Hörerinnen und Hörer
Dear listeneresses and listeners, sorta.
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Yep, it's what Namlit said. I just checked and listened to the beginning of the podcast.
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Hahaha! Oh, Deutsch, you so gendered! Apparently, I have to work on my "ö" listening skills.

Danke, allles!
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Okay. A tiny lesson as a bonus?

Correct headline could be "Ich weiß nicht" ["weiße" being an adjective to describe the color of a white feminine object]. It means "I don't know"; being picky, one could quibble whether perhaps an object is needed for the headline to be informative.

"Was [verb] dieser Gruß?" Suitable candidates would be "bedeutet" (means).

Caps: German is all backwards, I know. Never caps in titles, where they otherwise don't belong. It's "Deutsch - warum nicht?"

The adjective deutsch isn't capitalized, don't ask me why. Vielen Dank, on the other hand, has Dank as a noun so that is capitalized.

"Ihr Deutschen, Ihr seid so gendered" (ahum). [again a verb was missing, add here the proper form "seid" of "sein" = to be]

Finally, alles (all) has a neutrum ending, which sort of points to "all the stuff", as opposed to "all folks." If you want to be cute and colloquial, and North German, you could say Danke, Leute! (folks)

[ I already can see it: "Ein paar Kommentare entfernt. Haltet Euch an das Thema, Leute. Danke. Geschrieben von Jessamyn um 13:07" -- " A few comments removed. Keep to the topic, folks. Thanks. Posted by Jessamyn at 1:07"]
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Thanks, everyone! I have a lot to learn!
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