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Help me stream my media from a home server to our phones.

I'm no computer genius, but I did manage to set up a home server. All of the family's music and movies are on it, and everyone runs their favorite media player to access it over the wifi network from their computer. BUT . . . I want to access it and stream it from my Android phone when I'm not at home. My wife wants to stream from her iPhone and iPad. What is the best way to do this? I want an easy program that will allow me to sort through my media be genre, artist, etc. just like my preferred music program (foobar2000) and play my tunes or watch my movies when I'm on the go. It would be truly great if the same program existed for both iOS and Android. A paid solution is acceptable. Thanks in advance for your collective genius.
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Run Subsonic on your home server. Run Subsonic clients like iSub on your mobile devices.
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yep. subsonic is awesome!
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Is the home server a windows box? You should be able to share everything over dlna & use a upnp / dlna client on the phones.

UPNPlay works pretty well on Android, although the UI is a little clunky.
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Plex is good as well.
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I love subsonic for my music w/isub on my ios devices - absolutely perfect, works beautifully, with the ability to sort by artist (not sure about genre).
Supposedly the newest version of iSub (3.1, released earlier this week) streams video but I haven't tried that yet.

For my video I've tried Plex, but my server is too weak to transcode things quickly enough to be played on my idevices.
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I would check out Plex. It streams to just about everything is very well regarded when it comes to solving your problem. It does do both music and video (and photos) but I would say the video support is better than the music support. One nice feature is there is a service called myplex which takes care of the networking hassles of media sharing. You basically create a free account and log on to all your devices with this account and media will stream anywhere you have enough bandwidth. Plex also will go automatically get metadata for your content. The server is free http://www.plexapp.com the apps for iOS and Android are $5.

Disclaimer : I'm not longer with Plex but was the original founder of the project/company.
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Subsonic for tunes, ps3 media server on the box plus UpNPlay on phones for video. Works great.
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Oh wait, you said while not at home. PS3 Media Server doesn't work off the network (or at least that's what I've always assumed).
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I have been using audio galaxy for years. It's drop dead simple. And free. Plex can be a bit complicated. I'd also rate subsonic a little hard for a

With Audio Galaxy you can use apps on your devices and your web browser on a computer. One thing which I don't know is if multiple people can listen to different streams independently.
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