Where can we find more of these awesome European "trail" socks?
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Where can I purchase more socks like these? Acquired by my husband over 10 years ago at an airport in the Netherlands, they are long-lasting, comfortable, made of wool, have the word "TRAIL" embroidered in red across the instep, three horizontal red stripes on the ball of the foot, and what may be a size "3-46" in red across the toe.
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Is there a slight cushy padded feel to the sole? They look very much like my short smartwool skiing socks. So they are probably similar to wool hiking socks. Check out Sierra Trading Post: ski socks, hiking socks.
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Response by poster: Sorry to threadsit, but he wants these exact socks. Even Smartwool is nowhere near the quality of these, so we don't want socks from an American brand/shop. I'm hoping a European can identify the brand name and point us to a vendor.
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Best answer: I know that you are looking for the exact same socks, but they're over ten years old, so the design might have changed in the meantime.
Your socks remind me an awful lot of Falke hiking socks (maybe they're a knockoff?), namely Falke TK. They come in different materials and are very durable. My husband and I have been wearing the on hikes for years (mostly the TK2 and TK2 Cool versions), and they last a long time. I have not personally tried the TK2 Wool version, but Falke is a very reputable brand, so I'd expect them to be just as good.
If you can't find your socks at all, I'd give these a try if you can get them in the US.
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Best answer: I don't know this shop, but Socksfox sells them and delivers for free worldwide.
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They remind me a little of the X-Action functionwear line of socks, which prints the "purpose" of the sock on the sock and also sometimes includes a multiple line motif. The overall design seems similar to your standard European trekking sock.
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Best answer: I agree with amf that they look like Falke socks.
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Best answer: Just another bit of information for your puzzle: the size will have been "43-46", which is a common size range for men socks. And the airport was most likely Schiphol, but that won't really be of much help after that much time (there have been many changes in the shopping area at Schiphol).
That said, I agree with the other commenters that Falke is your best bet of finding comparable socks, and that the socks in your picture were probably knock offs.
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