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What's the best way to directly transfer videos between an iPhone's Photo Library to an iPad's Photo Library?

I want to be able to open videos recorded with my phone in apps on my iPad.

Photo Stream doesn't handle video (as far as I know), and Cloudette and Dropbox will let you upload videos, but won't let you bring them down to the Photo Library. I'd like to avoid emailing stuff to myself.

There seem to be apps that purport to handle this, but there's a lot of noise, so I'd like to hear personal recommendations. Or even better, a way to do this without any particular app.
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Use the camera connection kit to connect your iPhone to your iPad to transfer your photos and videos.
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Thanks, but I should clarify: That would be great if I was willing to buy hardware, but I don't want to buy any hardware.

Emailing stuff or uploading/downloading to the computer is preferable to that.
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Have you tried messaging to send the video?
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I use the PhotoSync app:

You can use a WiFi connection to transfer all your stuff either to your computer or your other devices, etc. This definitely includes videos (as per the description) as I took some videos on my phone on a recent trip to Italy and when I synched, the videos showed up on my iPad and, later, my desktop computer.

Hope that helps. :)
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PhotoSync works for me, thanks! The advantage that app has over Messages or email other than there being fewer steps is that the video doesn't get compressed further when you transfer that way.
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