Roadblock: Who wants to get down?
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Every year for our gift exchange, there's a theme. This year the theme is kind of action - adventure related, think about some of the activities on the Amazing Race. I'd like to give something more "do something" than "get something" this year, given the following parameters:
  • Less than $100
  • Probably within 1 - 2 hours drive of the East bay / Oakland / Walnut Creek, California
  • Gift will be for an individual, but with a family, so family friendly preferred
  • Will mail me a gift certificate / gift card online or via phone.
I'm looking for things like zip lines, running-related, climbing activities, bungee jumping, etc. I don't live in the area so the phone / email / online part is important since I can't go down in person.
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Santa Cruz Surf School.
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Indoor skydiving in Union City.
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kayaking Elkhorn Slough
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Seconding lamp's indoor skydiving recommendation. Got that as a birthday gift a couple of years ago - it's awfully fun.
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California Cavern is a little over 2 hours from Walnut Creek, and they have several different cave tours that would be good for a family.
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Living Social has deals on things like ziplines at Tahoe and flight lessons. Both are a bit over your cost constraint, but there might be something else in their list that would work.
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Best answer: Indoor trampolining. I've never been, but a friend went and loved it (as an adult). Kid friendly, cheap enough for a whole family for your price range. They do gift cards.

Perhaps not outdoors adventuring, but definitely action.
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Bay Area Skydiving out past the Altamont Pass. My one and only skydive was there and was great.
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Like subject_verb_remainder, came to recommend House of Air in the Presidio. There's a similar one in Concord, too.
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Response by poster: Went with the House of Air recommendation, since they offered the ability to buy a gift card online, even though it is only by email. I'll figure out some way to pretty it up.

Tried to go with Sky High Sports but their pre-paid passes aren't as flexible and contacting them was an exercise in frustration.
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