Do any other bugs besides bed bugs leave blood traces?
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Do any other bugs besides bed bugs leave blood traces?

Two unhelpful PCOs over the past six months have told me that they don't think I have bedbugs, because they haven't seen signs of cast skins/fecal matter or live bugs.

I've been getting bitten for six months now and my landlord won't do anything until I get positive ID. But, I have also been seeing blood streaks very similar to what is shown in this guide.

I do have a confirmed carpet beetle infestation, but those wouldn't leave brown smears/streaks on my sheets, would they?

I'm absolutely certain I have bed bugs, but sans positive ID--maybe it could be something else? The smears are what, in my mind, make it absolutely positively bed bugs.
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Fleas? But you'd be able to see those if you paid attention. That's all I can think of besides bedbugs.
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Yeah maybe fleas, but they also leave little telltale spirals of poop. Plus you would feel them skittering along your limbs at night, very disconcerting.
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I've been bitten by fleas in a house where I never saw poop spirals or any signs of the insects. Just bites. Yuck.
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I have carpet beetles too, and we only ever see them on or near the floor, never in the bed. So yea, I don't think it's carpet beetles.

Where are you getting bitten? When the family cat had fleas one summer, we would get bitten on our ankles and lower legs mostly.
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Oh hai I have knowledge
Do you have three bites in a row?
It is strange that you've found no carpaces -- the fuckers molt early and often.
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Hello all, thanks for the input.

I don't have the 3 bites-in-a-row thing, but extensive research (I swear I've read every post on shows that one doesn't have to have that pattern.

FWIW, I get bites on my neck, my back (parts where there is easy access/clothes don't cover), haunches, just above the waistline of my underwear (although I wear sweats to bed, they are pretty loose), stomach, arms/shoulders. Pretty sure they aren't fleas : /

It may be carpet beetle dermatitis, but yeah; extension entomologist says that they don't really crawl into one's bed. I've done the whole bed-legs-in-cups thing, and caught like 1 beetle, but no bedbugs. Numerous inspections show no bedbug skins. But those traces...
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During my nightmarish year with bedbugs, none of the PCOs ever found anything until the last (of several! like, more than six!!) visits, and then they only found a single bedbug, marooned in the Climb-Up Interceptors I'd placed beneath my sofa's legs. But I caught a couple of live bedbugs when they were crawling across my sofa toward me. (Oh, God... even talking about this still gives me the shivers!) Because I had the evidence, I received treatment. But as you can gather, the treatment did pretty much nothing to solve the problem.

The PCOs were undecided whether it was a "minor but persistent infestation," or a series of reinfestations from my or my roommate's workplaces. Who knows? My point is, you can have a case of bedbugs that eludes detection by PCOs. (And if so, I'm terribly sorry, and full of empathy for you.)

Things you might consider, in order of increasing expense:

1. Purchase Climb-Up Insect Interceptors and place them beneath every piece of furniture that has legs. Also purchase a passive bedbug monitor to stick on your boxsprings. Check them all regularly for signs of bugs, cast skins, fecal matter.

2. Hire a bedbug-sniffing dog to confirm that you've got bedbugs. (Their reputations vary tremendously; do your research and get recommendations from internet forums, etc. before hiring one. And by recommendations, I mean, recommendations of the specific dog, not just the company.) Note: a good dog handler will do a visual inspection as well. Don't settle for less! Best case scenario here, the dog doesn't hit on anything. Best worst case scenario: the dog and handler find the, ugh, nest, and then you can capture a couple with a Ziplock bag and do a show-and-tell for your landlord.

3. Spring for a heat treatment that kills everything in your apartment. Super expensive. Pretty damned effective.

4. Put all of your stuff in a moving truck, drive it to a state that allows Vikane treatment, and flood all your belongings with deadly, poisonous gas capable of killing even insect eggs. That's what I finally did. And then I took my belongings to a new apartment, where - knock on wood - I've had no troubles.

(That said, I STILL use Climb-ups and mattress encasements, because once you've had a brush with these critters, you never, ever want to be caught unprepared again.)
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