SUV subsidy
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TaxGeek filter: Where can we find the SUV subsidy provision?

The Internal Revenue Code, we are told, has a provision for a hefty tax benefit for those who purchase a vehicle over 3 tons when it is used solely for business. Where do we find this provision?
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You could look at this page on the IRS site. It has a link to Publication 946, which should have the information you want.

I'm looking at this with the perscpective of a former IRS employee. Someone who actually took this dediction might be able to give you a beter answer.
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dediction = deduction. And strictly speaking it is not a deduction anyway. Sorry.
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More information here.
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It is not an extra deduction. It merely accelerates your deductions (you get more tax breaks this year, less next). If you buy a lower cost vehicle you will save more in the end.
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The tax benefit you're speaking of, which was indeed substantial and got many people to buy heavy SUVs, was largely eliminated in the 2004 tax legislation. There is still some benefit in terms of more depreciation earlier, but you can no longer write the entire purchase off as you could in earlier years.
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No, it's still around. More hereand here . If you can substantiate the business use and your vehicle is over 3 tons, you can qualify for a §179 depreciation deduction, just at a lower rate than the 100% that was formerly possible for some vehicles.
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