What is going on below my waistline?
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I have spots near my groin region. I know you're not my doctor, but if you can give me any insight to calm my nerves it would be appreciated. Also, what do I say to the girl I'm dating?

About me: 30 year old straight male.

I have a about 6 light pink to red spots between my navel and groin region, and they are a few centimeters apart from each other. I just noticed them today.

One is on my inner leg, and looks slightly chaffed or opened. They don't itch and they're not painful, except for the ones that are right on my waistline, which is rubbing against my underwear waistband.

I had an STI test performed two months ago, however I don't believe I was tested for herpes. The test came back clean.

I am going to my doctor tomorrow morning.

I'm really nervous right now, as:

1) I don't know what this skin condition is. And I'm feeling very panicky about it.

2) I'm supposed to meet up with a girl I've been dating and sexually active with for the past few weeks on Friday. We have had sex without a condom on two occasions. I don't know what to say to her about this. How do I bring this up?
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It could be: ingrown hairs, a rash, spider bites, … not sure why you're jumping on the STI train here.
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maybe ringworm. which isn't actually a worm. and is pretty easy to treat.
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Seconding ringworm.
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Also, I'm of the opinion that if you think there is any chance at all that you could have an STI -- like if that is even an idea that could enter your head in a situation like this -- you should always wear a condom when you have sex. And get tested more frequently.
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Oh hey! I had something very similar to this. Suddenly appearing pink spots in the underwearal region. No itching, no pain, not raised, a tiny bit rough. I panicked as well but it was NOT an STI. It was... and I promise this sounds grosser than it is... a fungal infection. The doctor said it was something that's always present on skin, but can occasionally proliferate in warm, damp places. A topical cream cleared it right up.
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between my navel and groin region... the ones that are right on my waistline

This is not herpes or anything else you're worried about, though you may well be able to infect others with direct contact. This is chicken pox or an allergic reaction or a rash or acne or a fungal infection like ringworm or dermatitis. Any walk-in or urgent care clinic can help you.
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By the time you see her, you should know what this is from the doctor. The best thing is to say you have "X" and want to hold off on sexual contact until it's gone. You should ask the doctor what her chance of having whatever you have is, and let her know what the doctor says.

And this could be something incidental like ingrown hairs. I (female) have spots all over from... er... maintenance, and that's just normal skin sensitivity and hair growing in.
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Inner thigh is quite possibly the start of an ingrown hair which is chafed by tighter pants - my guy gets these off and on.

N-thing the suggestion for you to use a condom... you are sleeping with everyone she has ever slept with (and vice versa) - you may be clean at this moment (provided you've had condom-on sex with everyone but her since your last results), but you can't prove that she is.

Alternately, get an STI appointment together and get tested together if you want to bareback monogamously. Get the full workup, plus drawing blood for aids testing. Better safe than dead, amirite?
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This could be similar to what I experienced a couple of times when I was less than diligent with the soap in my bathing suit area.
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Might be folliculitis.
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It sounds like ingrown hair. I get them in that region all the time.
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These all sound plausible. Have you possibly changed how you wash your clothes? Started using a new soap, in the bath or laundry? New body sprays or such? Look at some of these things too.
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You say to her something like,

Hey, I have these weird spots on my lower belly and near my junk. About two months ago, I was tested for STIs, and I didn't have any - and you're the only person who I have had unprotected sex with since. So, it's very unlikely that it's an STI. I'm going to go to the doctor and get it checked out, I will call you right after the appointment and let you know what it is!

As an aside, I think it's better not to use the word "clean" in reference to not having STIs. People can be hygienic and clean and still get an STI (perhaps because they voluntarily have unprotected sex, perhaps because they have protected sex, perhaps because they were coerced in to unprotected sex or raped, perhaps because someone lied to them about STI status). Better to just say, "no STIs" or "tested negative for STIs" or something along those lines.
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I too have had something similar, though mine were itchy, and for me it turned out to be mystery bug bites.

I took Benadryl pills immediately just in case, before I was able to get to a doctor. They help with the most likely cause and are harmless anyway, and my doctor later confirmed that that was a good idea. Then my doctor prescribed a topical steroid cream to finish the job, and that was that.

If you go on ZocDoc, you should be able to find a dermatologist who can fit you in for an appointment this afternoon and get it over with. Then you'll know what the story before you meet up with your lady friend tomorrow. And boy will that make her feel more comfortable!

(I want to nth this - please do use condoms! You'll be happier, your lady friends will be happier, and everyone who loves you and wishes you health and long life will be happier.)
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I get a fungal infection called tinea versicolor in the same place(s) as you. I treat it with an antifungal athlete's foot cream or with a prescription oral med. If this is what you have, it's very common, it will come back, it likes to live in a moist environment, it can be shared with another by close physical contact or shared towels, but is painless, harmless, and really not a big deal.
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