Where should I get chairs reupholstered in Seattle?
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Where should I get chairs reupholstered in Seattle?

I recently purchased an old formica table and two diner-type chairs. The vinyl upholstery on the chairs isn't in great shape and I'd like to get it redone. where in the Seattle area should I take them? (Also, any guesstimates how much this is likely to cost?)
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Since you have no reply, I will suggest that I would probably do it myself. If it is just a dining chair with covered seat cushion, no back cushion, it is a simple job that is easily handled by a noob. (And I have cheated and had a tailor just make a slip-on cover for the existing back, then redid the seat cushions myself.)

You need upholstery material of your choice, tailor's chalk, a staple gun, screw driver, and scissors. If you want to freshen up the foam, you can usually buy foam where you get your tailor's chalk. I have done this sort of thing a few times and started to write a description for you, but you can google it and get detailed instructions with photos, which would be way better than anything I can write.
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Pardon the sketchiness of this answer, since I moved from Seattle a few years ago. The local fabric chain store (Pacific Fabrics? Seattle Fabrics? There's one on Northgate and one on 4th ave S) holds upholstery classes. The classes at the 4th ave S location used to be taught by a great gal named Mary who would does upholstery work. Call and ask. Or take the class! That's an easy and fun job and its a great skill to have.
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I know someone who makes excellent cushions -- she might do reupholstery work, too. I can find her e-mail address if you want.

The store Sublimity is talking about is Pacific Fabrics.
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This place is more for automobiles, but they apparently do normal furniture too.
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