Anachronistic music
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Looking for examples of anachronistic music.

I'm looking for examples of songs produced in the last decade that sounds astonishingly like 1970s or 1980s rock, new wave, funk, or pop.

I'm weak on examples, but stretching it a bit I might offer Crystal by New Order, which was recorded in 2000 or 2001 but sounds a lot like something that would have charted in 1989. Another example might be Whats In It For by Avi Buffalo, recorded around 2010 but some of it could probably pass for ~1978 Supertramp if a Wurlitzer electric piano was thrown in.

I'm not sure what kind of results I might get from this question, especially there's a lot of 1980s bands touring that still play their old style, and a ton of acoustic songs could pass for the singer-songwriter style of the 70s, so unusual examples would be best. I'm also aware that a lot of this might be in the head of the listener, and that's cool; I want to hear it all.
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Wolfmother strongly channels the spirit and sound of 70s Uriah Heep.

You mentioned that there's a ton of the singer-songwriter stuff, but Iron and Wine's latest stands out to me as distinctively channeling Dan Fogelberg.
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My Morning Jacket's recent albums I think fit the bill (I'm thinking of Circuital and Evil Urges).
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Anything ever made or mixed by Chromeo.

Also, Maroon 5 is making a pretty nice living sounding like Kool and the Gang.

Bruno Mars' latest single is pretty much a rip of The Police and he admits as much.
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Oh, and listen to Diamond Rings and tell me you don't see the 80's wavin' you back to the dance floor?
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Goldfrapp's Album Black Cherry (sample) is very clearly doing a glam rock/late disco thing.

The French label/collective Valerie explicitly takes on the 80s synthpop aesthetic from top to bottom. A few bands from the label were featured in Drive, if you've seen it.
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Pretty much everything by Ariel Pink, but especially "Round and Round."
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Forgot one more... La Roux sure sounds like old Depeche or Yazoo.
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Midlake's 'The Trials Of Van Occupanther' and Music Go Music's 'Expressions' are both examples of albums with a distinct 70s vibe.
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Anything by Glass Candy sounds like early 80s/late 70s italo disco
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Scissor Sisters deliberately evoke a disco-era sound
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Okay, you're going to think I'm nuts, but the Serbian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest was totally channeling the '60s. And it is SO good!

Caroban by Nina Radojčić.
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Ancient Airs and Dances by Ottorino Respighi.

(I am reminded here of Richard Thompson's response to Playboy Magazine's request for nominations for the "top ten songs of the last millenium," which eventually led to his touring show and album, 1000 Years of Popular Music).
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The Cars released Move Like This last year, and it sounds astonishingly close to how they were in the 80's. The album could have easily been released back then, in my opinion. Nice, fuzzy synth sounds.
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Check out the subreddit r/SoundsVintage. It casts a wider net but might have some of what you're looking for.
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This Spoon song sounds just like early-ish Billy Joel.
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M83 sounds like mid-80s synth-rock to me.
The Darkness is somewhere between satire and tribute to 80s hair-metal bands.
I've been hearing a lot of 80s-revival sounds lately, in fact.
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I came to say Destroyer too. Their last album does an amazing job simulating late-period Roxy Music.
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Bon Iver's "Beth/Rest" for sure.
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Craft Spells albums sound straight out of the 80s!
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Ronika's musical style is really convincingly early-80s, even if she hasn't gotten much play outside of PopJustice. Her videos for Forget Yourself and Automatic are pretty good examples.
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Recorded a few years ago, J.D. McPherson's "North Side Gal" sounds like he's channeling his inner Little Richard.
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Amy Winehouse. One of the reasons I loved her.
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The last 2 John Foxx and The Maths albums sound like they were recorded somewhere between '79 and '82.
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There were a whole spate of bands in 2004 or so which sounded like contemporaries of Orange Juice, XTC or Gang of Four - Futureheads, Maximo Park, Bloc Party (I thougth for ages that Banquet sampled the Fun Boy Three) Hot Hot Heat. Dogs Die In Hot Cars were around the same time but sounded more like 10CC or ELO.

Gruff Rhys did a concept album about John Delorean which deliberately sounded like mid-80s pop. I always think of Black Affair and some of The Sleepy Jackson (there was a spin-off band whose name I can't remember right now) as being in a similar vein.

especially there's a lot of 1980s bands touring that still play their old style

New Order would fall into this category for me. Crystal would slot into the 80s pretty well, but it mostly sounds like a New Order record, rather than an 80s record.
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Also, there are literally hundreds of bands striving to emulate the C86/Sarah sound. Tigercats sound very like late-period Orange Juice to me. I heard a band at my SO's house who I could have sworn were the Jesus and Mary Chain. Depends on your definition of 'pop', though.

Ladytron just fit into your decade cut-off - they started out being kind of Krautrock and then went electropop. Though like Stereolab and Broadcast, they emulate past sounds but in a way that sounds haunting rather than pastiche.
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Thanks, I am going to check out all of this... it also didn't occur to me that the use of retro synthesizers (like the DX7) might be one defining characteristic of this kind of music.
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Beck's latest album is going to only be released as sheet music - the instrumentation is up to the listener / performer. Simultaneously not exactly what you're asking for, and about as anachronistic as it's possible for new music to be.
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Stone Axe has a straight out of the 70's sound.

Zombi has a retro instrumental prog thing going on.

I wouldn't call Eagles of Death Metal 70's or 80's soundalikes, but they have a "feel" that (to me) hearkens back to an era with more swagger. Likewise with sister band Queens of the Stone Age.
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The Killers definitely have an 80s vibe.
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Almost everything from Daptone sounds like it's from the 1960s or '70s because they want it to. It's deliberate, not an homage.
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I think a lot of Fu Manchu's stuff sounds like 70's fuzz/van rock. Example from 2004.
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Every time I hear "Yesterday's Fire" by Moonface I briefly get excited/confused about the new David Bowie song before remembering that it's not.

Nthing Scissor Sisters. I've had more than one person think I was lying to them when I told them the Scissor Sisters album I was listening to was written in the past few years.
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VHS or Beta sounds pretty much exactly like I remember 1985.
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Howlin' Rain have the 70s California rock thing pretty much perfect.

Emeralds and Egyptology both do convincing versions of 70s synthy prog/John Carpenter soundtrack music.
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Josh Rouse's album 1972 is pretty evocative of the era to my ears.
Dawes is pretty much The Band, and there's nothing wrong with that.
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Jeff Tweedy's guitar solo in At Least That's What You Said has always reminded me of Neil Young.

A little earlier than the 1970s, but the Allah-Las have that 60s/early 70s less rocking Rolling Stones sound down, especially with the Mick Jagger-esque vocals.

Tame Impala has, again, that vague "psychedelic era" sound. But with more John Lennon mixed in than anything else.

Beach Fossils songs feel very 80s to me.

The Sword is pretty much Black Sabbath, minus the vocals.

The guitar parts and chord changes on this Starlight Mints album remind me of the Pixies.

Franz Ferdinand = Gang of Four; Interpol = Joy Division

And in a weird flip of your question, this song from the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack always sounded EXACTLY like a Stereolab song to me.
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bearwife's suggestion of Amy Winehouse reminded me that Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings also has that old-school Motown sound.
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The band Trembling Bells sound ridiculously like 1970s British folk rock (Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Steeleye Span), especially on their first album Carbeth (2009). For example: "Willows of Carbeth".
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Crystal Stilts sounds like Joy Division-ish post-punk in both their playing and their production.
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