Please recommend me a bank that suits my snowflake needs and has a branch in Columbus Ohio.
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Please recommend me a bank that suits my snowflake needs and has a branch in Columbus Ohio.

Recommend me a bank account.

I would prefer credit unions if they could do everything a big name bank could do.

I would prefer free checking, or minimum fee checking.
I would like no fees on incoming wire transfers if possible.
I receive international checks, and my old bank would not accept International checks! (wtf?!) so I'd like to be able to deposit international checks to my checking account even if there is a "hold" put on them for a few days.

I'd like to have online banking, also be able to send bank wires online..
I'd like few hassles, I travel a lot and with my previous 2 banks, they would often red flag/freeze my card, even if I called them and told them I was going to travel first. I occasionally make large deposits and withdrawals, in cash, and my one bank used to call me every time to confirm it was me.. I hated that.
I must be able to initiate opening an account from the internet, and/or through my mom who would be a cosigner who is in Columbus Ohio now. ( I am currently abroad )

Preferably my mom could be a co-signer either way.

Also: They must have a branch in Columbus Ohio.

I am not very good at banking, even though I do it often, and I have never really used a big name bank anywhere in the world let alone in Columbus Ohio, so it would help a lot if you had personal experience or somehow new the banks' customer service was exceptional.

I doubt I can get everything I want, but what bank comes the closest?

Some friends recommended me the ones below for starters:

Kemba Credit union

wells fargo

chase bank

thanks a lot!
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I have always been pleased with Huntington Bank Corp for domestic needs--which I believe is headquartered in Columbus. I live 5-6 months a year out of the country (US) and find it difficult, if not impossible to easily transfer large sums of money between US and non-US banks. I bank with one of the largest bank/brokerage firms (Morgan Stanley) in the world and I can not transfer funds between countries without doing a wire transfer or debit withdrawal--and there is always a charge--which is understandable. US and non-US banks do not use the same interbank transfer protocols and there in lies the problem. Not a failure on the bank's part. I have to believe that a personal account involving large cash transactions from foreign sources will raise some flags. In Ireland it is very difficult to even open a new account, if you are not a permanent resident--you can not even get "certified checks" unless you have an account. I would call Huntington from where ever you are and explain your needs. BTW, they are a very large banking system. Here is their number for out of country calls. Skype maybe your friend: From their site--Call 616-355-8828 (U.S. country code is 1) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (Please note this is not a toll free number.)
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I think you are going to need a two-institution solution. People in this thread recommended HSBC or for international money transfers.
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Why do you need to have a branch in Columbus, Ohio? I ask because the bank that's often recommended -- by me, especially -- is USAA. They don't have any branches outside of Texas, I believe, but that's never been a problem for me and I've been banking with them for decades; I can do everything over the phone or on-line. They're good with international stuff, because they're used to having members who are deployed overseas. You can deposit cash using ATMs.
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Oh, and USAA accepts international checks.
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I don't have the international banking needs that you do, but I just wanted to second good domestic experiences with Huntington, which is a regional bank and indeed headquartered in Columbus. Free checking, online and mobile banking, and a nifty 24-hour grace period if you happen to overdraw your account (if you make a deposit to cover it within 24 hours, you won't be charged any fees related to the overage). Always had good customer service and haven't had problems with the debit card when traveling domestically; I haven't traveled internationally since I've had Huntington accounts, so can't speak to that.
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The Corpse in the library: I need a branch in Columbus Ohio because I will be receiving a check in the mail to Columbus Ohio, and I will need to deposit it. Is there another way to do this other than going directly to a branch?
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Yes. I deposit checks by taking a photo of them using my phone. If that wouldn't work, you can deposit it at an ATM (any old ATM), mail it, or scan it and use their website.
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I'm in Columbus, and I use csbank as one of my banks, and yeah, they leave a little to be desired.

I can't speak to the international aspect, but the banks that are most available here in Columbus are Chase (huge headquarters here), Huntington (based here), and to a lesser extent fifth-third (avoid, they are awful) keybank (usually very business-oriented) and PNC (I use them and am very happy.)
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