Therapy while traveling or in transit.
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What are my options for therapy while I am traveling and in the midst of a move to a different part of the world, with a lot more travel on the horizon?

I think it's time for me to go to therapy. After struggling with anxiety for most of my adult life and recently realizing that my anxiety is having a pretty big negative impact on my relationship with my SO it's pretty clear to me that I need some help dealing with things.

The issue is that I am bouncing around between locations at the moment. As I type this I am in a major city in North America and I will be here for the next week or so. I have access to my GP, constant access to the internet and some time to do research and figure things out. In a week or so when I move on I will be in a foreign country where I don't have a family doctor and my time/resources will be limited relative to where I am now. How do I get the help that I need?

I have tried working through a few different workbooks (Feeling Good among them) and I've also tried MoodGym and e-couch. None of these things worked well for me. I find talk therapy to be the most helpful. Talking with others really helps me work through my problems and having someone to ask questions and provide an opinion makes a big difference for me. I don't really know what the therapy situation is in my new home country but even if there are therapists available/accepting patients, I will be traveling a lot as part of my new position. I am afraid I am overlooking an option (like a more interactive version of MoodGym or something) and I don't really know where to find the help that I need.

Where can I go to find the help I need and what do you recommend given the circumstances?
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More and more therapists are willing to see patients online via Skype, etc.

Ask your GP for recommendations, email each one to see if they do online counseling. Here is some more advice on choosing one.
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Maybe try looking for support groups. That could be an interactive but flexible option.
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If you will be in a big foreign city, googling "expat therapist" may be of help.
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