How to prevent Princess and the Pea situations with overnight guests?
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Inflatable-Mattress-Filter: what's the best inflatable mattress for two people that I should buy?

Fairly simple: we have a small spare room that usually is full of overflow kitchen implements and linens, but we are hosting some overnight guests soon and I'd like something more comfortable than layers of blankets and sleeping bags. Inflatable is best because we have just one tiny coat closet and no room for anything that can't be packed away. (At some point we'll get a real day bed, but that is not an option right now.)


Must be something that can be bought and have arrive within a week. Cannot be available only at a store; must essentially be available online. (I'm in the US.)

Should have a built-in pump, though I'm certainly willing to top it up manually if that's an option.

Must fit two adults comfortably.

Is there anything I'm overlooking? I would prefer suggestions about mattresses that you've personally hosted with or slept on. Thank you!
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We've used this Serta EZ Queen Bed for many years (as a guest bed) and it's comfy and super easy to set up and deflate. Plus it folds up into a nice package that your just roll into the closet for storage.
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I've been very happy with the comfort and function of my Aerobed, but I would very strongly recommend you purchase it from Bed Bath & Beyond. Their customer service and return policies are amazing, so when, in a year or two, it's not holding air like it was when it was new, you can walk in with the old one and out with a new one. I've even done it without a receipt.

I haven't found an air mattress that doesn't eventually require replacing.

One comfort tip: putting a comforter or mattress pad on top of the mattress, under the fitted sheet makes it a lot more regular-bed-like.
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Aerobeds are easy to use. I'm not sure I've slept on any other brand, so I can't compare - I don't really find them all that comfortable but I don't think I would like any air mattress because I have back problems. I do know that they are easy to find on Amazon on whatever. Pump is built in and it's a cinch to inflate or deflate. I've only used the basic kind but they have ones that are raised, and some of the queen ones have separate settings for each side. Definitely get a queen if you're trying to sleep two people.
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I have the queen size Instabed and it's great; it's gotten rave reviews from all my guests. It fits two people pretty comfortably. Also, if it'll be cold at night, you might want to consider getting a mattress topper or cover of some sort since air beds don't hold heat all that well compared to regular beds.
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After several disappointingly un-durable air mattresses, my boyfriend and I finally sprung for an Aerobed - a no-frills double-high queen bed (I can't find the exact model online, but it's very similar to this one). it's held up remarkably well over the past 2+ years, including having an erstwhile roommate sleep on it for many months' straight.

With a cheap foam topper, it's very nearly as comfortable as our real bed.
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Best answer: The best air mattress for two people is two separate air mattresses. And yes, something heavy to cover, because they are insanely cold.
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Best answer: I would suggest two twin air mattresses covered with a thick king mattress pad and fitted sheet. Its so much more comfortable not to feel every move the partner makes in bed.
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Whatever you end up buying, make sure that it has a pump that runs on wall current. Some inflatable mattresses are sold as being fully portable and include a battery-operated air pump. These are for shit, because they aren't strong enough to inflate the bed to reasonable firmness.
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Response by poster: Okay, based on the extremely vehement suggestions (both here and in today's anti-air mattress AskMe) for two twin beds + mattress pad, I will look into getting two twin beds! It will have a down comforter as a mattress pad and another down comforter as well as other blankets, so I hope that's sufficient insulation. Thank you all again, and I'm sure my guests will be grateful for your help!
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