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My conditioner has been discontinued. Can anyone recommend a substitute?

I have been using Nexxus Headress (leave-in conditioner) for something like 15 years. I can no longer find it in salons or stores. I can still get it online but it's very expensive and may be old. My hair is very thin and flyaway and it is the only thing that has ever worked to control it (and give it body). Can someone please recommend a comparable substitute? Thanks mucho.
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I love Carol's Daughter Monoi shampoo and conditioner that is available through Sephora. I'm pretty sure Sephora will let you return any product if you try it and decide it isn't for you, so may be worth it to try a bunch of their products for thin hair.
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Terax Crema!
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I haven't used the Nexxus product, but Bumble & Bumble makes a nice leave-in. You can get a sample at Sephora to try first.
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What does your stylist use and/or recommend? (Do you have a stylist?)

There are a lot of oils popular today that might be worth looking at. I know oil sounds counterintuitive for thin hair, but who knows. I have thick, straight hair, but I get it layered on top so it doesn't get too heavy, so I want to reduce flyaways, too.

I got my hair cut a few weeks ago and got a little sample bottle of Davines roucou oil that has about six dime-sized applications' worth. I wash my hair, towel it, run a comb through and then work the stuff through the middle part of my hair (NOT the roots) and the ends. Then I blowdry about as little as I can. The combination of just a little oil on wet hair keeps it nice and fluffy while smoothing it nicely.
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I use Giovanni leave in conditioner during the drier winter months. Link is to makeup alley reviews. Some of those are mixed, but It works well for me.
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Mane and Tail.

Not kidding. For decades it was sort of an open secret among horse folk. Then people began to confess that not only did they use it on their horses, but they used it on their own heads, and it's wonderful. Now it's a not so hidden secret. I believe the company now actually markets for people, too. Get it at your local Grange or feed store.
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I like Moraccanoil. I have very fine hair and most products weigh it down, but I find a little of this is great for summer flyaways.

(It's become a bit trendy and apparently there's a lot of fakes online, so I'd buy it from a salon. And get a small bottle! For fine hair, you only need the tiniest smear.)
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I got some of this stuff, Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner, as a free sample and have been buying it since. It dries smooth and soft (not crunchy or sticky) and keeps my hair all pointing the same direction (not in my face!) My hair is shoulder-length, fine and has a slight wave to it; Mixed Chicks makes the waves slightly more pronounced and keeps them together so they never look frizzy. It's obscure but I really like it.
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I like Terax Crema as well. I have fine, curly hair, and it keeps the flyaways in check and the curls untangled. I have used the Nexus product in the past, but not recently enough to compare them side by side.

If you happen to live in NYC, you can try going to Ricky's and get sample sizes of a lot of different conditioners - they sell travel sizes of many of the brands they carry. Or try a beauty supply store, Sephora, or Ulta - they all have travel-size hair products so you can try a few different types without buying a whole bottle.
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I have very fine, straight hair and I've found that Evo's Gluttony shampoo and Bride of Gluttony conditioner are the only things that work for me. When my stylist stopped carrying them, I started buying them from Amazon.
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I really like Klorane strengthening and detangling conditioner with quinine:
I originally bought it when I was traveling in the winter and my hotel had only shampoo, no conditioner. It was so cold and dry that I had static-y fly-away hair all the time. This fixed it. It's more expensive than my usual conditioner, so I only use it a couple times a week. It's wonderful, though. It smooths my hair and settles it without being heavy or greasy.
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