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What should I know/do before I sell a cell phone I own to a person I know?

I bought a new dumbphone a few months ago as a throwaway/work phone. Didn't like it particularly but I still have it and am not using it.

It's on TracFone and I see, through the website, how to remove the phone from my account (I have other phones with them).

Is there an easy way to factory reset a Samsung s390g? Failing that, I would manually dig through menus and remove any email accounts, contacts, files, memory cards, customized settings, etc.

Is there anything else I need to know about transferring ownership of a TracFone to another party? For simplicity I would let the minutes stay on the phone, and not try to transfer them. If it matters, the would-be buyer is a real-life person I see on a daily basis, not some random internet scammerstranger.
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Factory reset instructions in the s390g manual here. If you read carefully, you actually want "Restore Phone" to delete all user data, since "Reset Phone" doesn't do so.

I've never used TracFone specifically, but have used other pre-paid carrier phones, and other than clearing my data out of the phone with a factory reset, and clearing the phone from my carrier account, there was nothing else I did when I gave them away (they were very low end handsets and had no resale value really).
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