Need help easily mailing 100 DVDs overseas
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I need to ship almost 100 DVDs, many going overseas. How do I do this the easiest way possible? I know I have to fill out customs forms, determine postage to each country, etc. but is there an easy way to do this online?

I have all the data of the people to whom I'm mailing discs in a spreadsheet.

The discs are uniform in size and weight so I have exact information on those.

Tracking would be preferred domestically, not sure if it's available internationally.

My ideal situation would be a site where I could either (a) reformat and upload my spreadsheet or (b) copy and paste my information (even if field by field) and then have it print out postage and all necessary customs forms.

I've been poking around the USPS site but what I'm finding does one at a time and this appears like it will take hours. I'm feeling like my situation is not unique, but I just don't know where to look having not done this before.
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Would do what you need?
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I'd give Endicia a try. It'll take care of customs forms for most countries. And I think you'll be able to use it for free if it's a one-off thing.
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Re: Tracking for Int'l shipments: USPS will only provide tracking numbers for non-flat rate Priority Int'l packages. Which means spending $20 to $30 per item. Flat rate overseas is roughly $13 to $17, depending on destination.

Batch orders are much simpler for domestic shipments than international shipments, and priority mail always comes with free tracking if you make the labels online.
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