Web interface to audio streams on Linux
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Is there an easy-to-use web interface for listening to various streaming radio stations via a web interface on a Linux server?

I'm familiar with broadcasting *from* a Linux server using Shoutcast, or with applications which provide a web interface into an MP3 library -- that's not what I'm looking for. I can listen to streaming radio on my linux server by sshing in and running mplayer from the CLI, but what I can't find is an application (preferably PERL/PHP-based) that provides a web interface to store links to and then listen to various streaming radio stations on my server without sshing in or using X. Is there such a beast already out there?
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I doubt it, but you could probably Perl/PHP one up on your own pretty easily. Just be careful if you decide to run CLI code from within the code, or maybe checkout what libraries are available to do so. Probably have more luck with Perl for that one.

All else fails check Hot Scripts. You might find something if you dig hard enough.
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