FL Lawyer with NYC expertise
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Does anyone know of a real estate lawyer in Miami with cross certification for NYC?

I am representing a landlord who is in NYC (along with the property). Her prospective tenants for a commercial space have their lawyer in Miami, and they want to sign a 15 year lease by Friday. We'd like to have a lawyer look at it before it's signed, and perhaps go to meet with the tenant's attorney, but the obvious requirement is a knowledge of NYC real estate law, but be located in Miami, FL.

I'd prefer a recommendation, but if not, are there any web sites where I can search for real estate attorneys in South Florida, with certifications or specialty in NYC law?
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Well, there are lots of commercial real estate attorneys in Miami...I'd start calling their offices and asking them...

But, I'm not following the question.

If someone wants to rent commercial space in New York City they ought to hire a real estate attorney licensed in New York State to help them.

Yet you're proposing the exact opposite, namely that it's the responsibility of the landlord to find an attorney located somewhere else, which attorney is licensed to practice in New York State...
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I don't understand why the lawyer has to be in Miami if the property and landlord are in NYC.
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Or, what drfriendman said.

One option is to use a big firm, which is likely to have offices in lots of major cities, including Miami and NYC, so they can utilize someone in NYC but you can still have the office in Miami if you need it for some reason.
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Response by poster: To clarify, their attorney is in Miami and dual licensed. I'm in south Florida and he is back in town, and I'd like to have an attorney with me when we sign the lease...
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