Temp Agencies in NYC: Bring resume in or email it?
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Temp Agencies in NYC: Bring resume in or email it?

I live in NYC and would like to temp for the next few months. I was wondering if better results can be had by emailing my resume or physically bringing it into the office of the agency.

Thank you.

PS - This is for non tech/IT positions.
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Best answer: Yes, seconding both and will add to have multiple copies when you get there for the interview to hand out like candy on halloween. Don't expect they will have a copier that you can use on the spot (which they will have, but better to be able to just hand out a copy).
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I agree with the above answers. How it worked for me (not in NYC, but I imagine the process is similar) was that I first emailed in my resume, the agency looked at it and then set up an interview time. Then I came in with a hard copy of the resume for the in-person interview where they asked me what I kind of positions I was interested in, the reasons for my interest, etc.

Good luck!
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Nothing beats face time, so yeah, go in and press the flesh.(from a recruiter)
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Both. Much easier to remember someone when you've met them.
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Always both. Never go to any appointment without extra copies of your resume. It's almost a guarantee that you will speak to someone who was not given a copy. And, it makes you look prepared and professional.
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When I worked with recruiters for admin jobs, they wanted the resume in a Word document (so they could make edits, sometimes without telling you; fun going to an interview when you're not sure which resume the interviewer is looking at!). BUT the recruiter who called me about the job I have now had never met me, said he "found my resume in a pile". So, both.
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