Looking for a keychain with an floating alien
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Looking for a keychain with a floating alien. Can't do much better than that. Any ideas?

My son's gf asked him to help her replace a keychain that she once owned that had an alien floating in some kind of liquid. That's all she gave him to go on, so that's as much as we know. A few google searches have turned up nothing that seems right. Does this description sound like anything any of you have ever seen?
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I think you're looking for some variety of the "alien in a jar" thing. Here is one keychain. I have seen others.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the quick response. That may be it; unfortunately, that site seems to be no longer active and the only other site that seems to sell that item says its out of stock. I tried eBay, but no luck. Other thoughts anyone?
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Like this? Suggest muting your computer before you go there.
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This might be it.

If not...

Here is one that looks like it has a jar of liquid, but minimum order is 5000!!

Here is a whole website with 80 pages of alien key chains. I looked through the first page and didn't see a floating one, but maybe you will find something else.

One other thing to keep in mind: the word "floating" when used with keychains seems to indicate that the keyfob is made out of some material other than metal (some sort of foam or plastic) so that the keys will float if they are dropped in the water. So using that word is not really helpful in google searches
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