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Does anyone know what this coat is? Or is it a shirt?

...And where I can find it? That's all. Thanks!
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it is a chamois shirt i think. suppliers discussed here:
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That very well could be a worn L.L.Bean chamois cloth shirt. They sell the regular Chamois Cloth Shirt and a vintage "1933" Chamois Cloth Shirt. Can't go wrong with one of these. Classic!
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It looks like a vintage Woolrich shirt, but if you want something new LL Bean makes a similar chamois work shirt. Source: my boyfriend, whose wardrobe consists almost entirely of shirts like this.
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I was going to say L.L. Bean chamois shirt, too. I'm wearing one right now, as it happens. The cuffs, collar, pocket flap, spacing of the buttons, all look like a match.
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It could also be what's called a CPO shirt or jacket. These are usually wool rather than the chamois cloth's brushed cotton.
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It also looks very similar to a number of Pendleton shirts (also have a boyfriend with a serious wardrobe preference).
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It looks like a pretty standard flannel work shirt to me. I swear I've seen them in Walmart. Here's a pretty cheap one.
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I'd second Pendleton shirts. I used to know a guy who wore them almost exclusively and they looked pretty similar, though they tended more to plaid.
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Yes, a thick flannel shirt. Looks like Woolrich to me. The LL Bean shirts in recent years have slanted pockets.
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I do not think it's a Bean chamois shirt, of which I have several. I also have several (vintage*) thick wool flannel shirts made by everyone from Woolrich to Maine Guide, and that is how they look. I would vote for a wool flannel, which comes in several weights. That would be heavy weight. I've never seen a Pendleton shirt that heavy.

*This means purchased at a thrift store for <$5 in this case, although I suppose they are also vintage in some more lineal sense. These shirts frequently need a bit of cleanup because the thick ones can get pilly.
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I also think wool -- the fabric looks just like a wool shirt I used to own. Mine was from a thrift store, sorry, and I don't remember the brand (Boy Scouts of America, possibly). If you don't mind spending quite a bit, you could try something from Filson.
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