Looking for great geography games!
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Wanted: Great geography games for a kid.

My daughter is eight and loves geography - she likes knowing where states and countries are, capitals, and is interested in the characteristics of those places - weather, topography, landforms, etc. What are some good games or activities (like a really cool coloring book or something) out there? Not interested in technology this time around - I want something that can be wrapped and put under the tree.
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How's about Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, the boardgame?
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For a boardgame, there's Ticket to Ride and its various expansion packs.
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The "10 days" series are board games about travel across continents, though they may not have the geography details you want, they are about managing transportation across continents.

e.g Ten Days in Africa
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If you don't have this shower curtain, it's nice when you... er... forget your cellphone in the bathroom. I'm not sure if it's a great under-the-tree gift, but a great surprise if it just appears in the bathroom one day.
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Scrambled States of America is more fun than it should be. You frantically try to match states based on similar populations, regions, and other things.

Map It! is also a lot of fun. You try to build a kind of relative map on the table, starting with a random city in the center, then taking turns placing drawn cities around it.
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Maybe a subscription to National Geographic Kids? Pair it with with something like a 3-D globe puzzle that you can assemble together.
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Not a game, but I bet Rick Steves' travel programs would be great for a budding geographer.
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Not sure if Sequence States & Capitols is good, but I sure like Sequence for Kids.
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There used to be a Carmen Santiago computer game my after-school students loved. Their teachers told me they were the most geographically informed students in their classes. Not sure what OS you have but you can usually find legacy software on the web. PM me if you'd like a location.
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I always enjoyed The Great Game of Britain. The cards (at least in my day) used to have little blurbs about the cities and towns on them.
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Seconding Ticket to Ride—my eight-year-old grandson loves it and can draw a map of the US that accurately displays a bunch of cities (including Duluth) without looking anything up. He also knows more about the geography of Scandinavia (thanks to this edition) than I ever will.
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For a seriously hard game, try Ubi. It's a trivia game where you have to figure out what they are talking about and then find out where on the map that person/event belongs. Best played with teams so you can pool knowledge and discuss the answers.

"Ubi" is the Latin word for "where".
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Wow, great suggestions everyone, thanks so much. I am going to look into each of these.
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