Do you work at Ford and drive a Ford? Help a guy find that plate!
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"I work at Ford... I drive a Ford" license plate holder: Where to get one?

I am looking for a license plate holder like this one. The text is "I work @ Ford / I drive a Ford" and it has the Ford and UAW logos.

I found a web store that appears to have it, but their email bounces and when I tried to send a PayPal payment it went to a very nice lady who was no longer involved with that site.

Google image search turned up nothing. It doesn't need to be exactly the same as long as the sentiment is the same. If someone knows of a custom plate maker that could put a Ford logo and the text that would be fine, too. Cost is probably not a factor.
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I'd start with the UAW in Ford towns, e.g. Belvidere, IL. Is there a plant near you?

This is the sort of thing that is probably made in batches and if it wasn't a one-time deal it goes out around contract time to the various locals. (I'm in a former GM town.)
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My husband works at a Ford dealership and he says they have them at the parts department there.
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(I don't think it has the union logo on it, however.)
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I drive by a Ford plant and its UAW chapter almost every day. If your local dealership doesn't have one you like, drop me a MeMail and I'll see what I can do.
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Um, Belvidere is a Chrysler town.
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Yeah, I remembered that after the five-minute window. I live around here, sheesh!
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I called my local Ford dealer in California, four different dealers in the area of the Ford plant, the local UAW, and checked the Ford accessories site, with no luck. The website I linked to eventually did send me the brackets, but not until almost two weeks had passed, so I can't recommend it unless you're desperate.
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