Podcasts in Portuguese. Suggestions?
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What are some good podcasts in Portuguese? I'm not looking for lessons of Portuguese, just interesting, listenable content about any topic.

Longer version: I am looking for good podcasts to help train my ear for listening to Portuguese. Ideally, it would be something along the lines of what the RFI has for French, the Journal en français facile, but it doesn't necessarily need to be the news. Does anything at all like this exist for Portuguese? I sorted through iTunes, old AskMes and Google, but the only useful things I came up with were this thread, which recommended Pessoal & Transmissível and seems like a good start, this thread, which got no answers, and this one, which was mostly about music.

Ideal characteristics: Short (15 minutes or less), slower paced, simplified language, interesting content about any topic (although perhaps the more universal the better, e.g., world news)

Other relevant information: I'm not particular about peninsular vs. Brazilian Portuguese (although Brazilian is probably preferable), and this is something that would ultimately be for recommendation to university-level beginner students of Portuguese (and a friend who is also trying to improve his listening skills).
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They are not simplified by any stretch, but since you don't have any other responses yet I'll throw out the Globo podcast page, from Brazil's predominant news outlet.

Most of these that I've listened to are clips from talk radio. Most of the pieces by "comentaristas" are only a few minutes long. None of them spring to mind as appropriate for true beginners, but there are a wealth of options there and perhaps with some trial and error you can find one that is useful.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Pseudonaut! I'll check it out.
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I listen to Zuim for the music, and it is an hour long, but it has spoken introductions in between the songs, which are calmly enunciated, pretty short and basic, and on a universal topic (the music). I hope that's not too tenuous but I haven't seen it mentioned in any of the other threads and it ticks at least some of your boxes.
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