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Stupid question: where can I buy bathtub crayons, in person, in NYC, before Saturday?

Yep. Need bath crayons and need 'em now. I don't want to order online if I don't have to. (It's for a secret santa gift.)
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They have them at Toys R Us. I checked for a ZIP code in the Bronx, but you can check for one closer to you.
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I've purchased these at the very very good Toy Space on 7th Ave in Brooklyn before, though it was quite a while ago.
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West Side Kids, 84th and Amsterdam
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Bed, Bath and Beyond has them.
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I've bought them in a Walgreen's before, but I have no direct experience with NYC Walgreen's stores.
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If you end up somewhere with a choice (and I do believe TRU has at least two kinds), know that the Alex brand are hard to draw with and the Crayola kind can be hard to clean up after.
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In Union Square, Babies R Us has them (ground floor level, with the bath stuff), and Kidding Around (15th St/6th Ave) has them on the shelves by the door.
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Jackson Square Pharmacy in the West Village has them.
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My first thought was Toys R Us as well. They are with the art and science kits. I've also seen them in Target. Amazon 2-day shipping would also get them to you in time.
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