The iciest rainfalls sweeping down from the heavens
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I'm trying to find a poem that contains the line "the iciest rainfalls sweeping down from the heavens."

I'm asking for a friend who thinks he probably read it within the last fifteen years, possibly in the New Yorker (I checked their archives and didn't find anything). It could be by a poet similar to Eamon Grennan or Galway Kinnell. The line may not be exact. I have also checked Google Books, JSTOR and Project MUSE for various permutations of the line; no luck. Does it sound familiar to anyone?
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It sounds like it might refer to Boreas to me. Sorry, that's as good as I've got.
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Is it Birches by Robert Frost?

Such heaps of broken glass to sweep away
You'd think the inner dome of heaven had fallen.
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The phrase "iciest rainfall" and the word 'sweeping' appear on page 58 of Of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, poems by George Bradley. Can a librarian mefite check the stacks?
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Following up on zepheria's comment, Google books shows the full line is

Missed the iciest rainfall sweeping from the clouds,

. Pretty good fit if you ask me.
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He is pretty sure this is it; I'm tracking down the book now. Thank you so much!
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