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Can you recommend any great spas or resorts for grownups, within 3 hours driving from DC, for a couple of sisters?

My sisters and I were thinking of taking a grownups weekend away. We're looking for peace and quiet, getting massages, having some wine, and just relaxing for 2-3 days at someplace with maybe a nice view. Looking to keep it under $300/night.

Within 3 hours driving from DC - so in the MD/VA/DC/WV area. Can you recommend a nice place where we can all recharge?
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Response by poster: Right now it's just one sister and I, but another may come along. So with her, we could probably go up to around $400s/night, if it'll comfortably sleep 3.
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The Kimpton hotels in DC istelf are super nice, have in room spa services and if you get a deal, are under $200 a night. They have free wine tastings every night and great bars and restaurants for the most part.
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Wintergreen Resort's spa package was made for you and your sister(s).
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The Homestead Spa, in Hot Springs, VA? Possibly at the high end of both your budget and driving time, but it's gorgeous out that way.
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Also, a nearly identical question chock-full of sister-friendly ideas.
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While I have not stayed at the Four Seasons in DC, my wife and I have been at several of their properties and endorse the Four Seasons Spas wholeheartedly. Top Notch Service.
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