What is the best way to synch iTunes (Mac) to an Android tablet?
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What is the best way to synch iTunes (Mac) to an Android tablet?

I have a MacBook Pro, and use iTunes pretty extensively. I also have an Android-powered Nexus 7 tablet.

I'd like a lightweight solution that lets me:

* Copy playlists from iTunes to the tablet.

* Rate songs on the tablet, then (preferably, but not necessarily) have those ratings copied over to iTunes the next time I synced.

I did some Google research, and it appears there are some third-party apps (like Doubletwist) that let you do this kind of thing. But because many of them seem a bit clunky, I thought I would check with you all before I started installing things willy-nilly. Thanks for whatever experiences/guidance you can provide!
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Myself and decidedly non-technical friends have used DoubleTwist to get this done. I think it's going to be your best bet.
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I tried iSyncr (on the PC side) and Rocket Player (on my tablet) for this and found it very clunky indeed, but usable. Doubletwist didn't work for me at all, since it doesn't support my device (Nexus 7) over a USB connection - wi-fi only. Watch out for that if you do decide to buy an app.

The best solution I've found so far is Google Play Music. It's not exactly "lightweight", but I found it to be the least hassle. You install Google's app on your PC (or Mac) and it quietly uploads all your music (max. 20000 tracks) to cloud-Google-land. Then you use the Play Music android app to, well, play music. The UI is slick and easy to use, and you can choose to stream music from Google's servers or download it to your device to play offline. Playlists and ratings do come down, although I don't know if ratings get synced back to iTunes. You do get automatic uploading of any new music you add to iTunes, which is nice.

Yes, I do appreciate the absurdity of uploading all your music to the cloud in order to move it between two devices on your desk, but, hey, it does the trick.
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Having battled with this on the PC side a few months ago, my recommendation would be to try iSyncr first. Less software in the middle, much quicker and lighter and easier.

DoubleTwist wasn't horrible, but still, less than ideal.

Eventually I dropped iTunes entirely and started using a great alternative (MusicBee) that unfortunately doesn't have a Mac version.
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Response by poster: ok, thanks everyone. I'll give these suggestions a try.
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