I cannot keep my deleted bookmarks in Chrome to stay deleted
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I have a MacBook Pro with all software updated. I have been using Google Chrome as my browser for the last year or so. I also have Google Chrome installed on my Iphone 4s, but rarely use it. For the first 6-7 month, my bookmarks synced fine between the devices and my Google accounts. About 2-3 months ago, I have started to notice that bookmarks I have deleted have started to show up in Chrome again, sometimes multiple times... I delete the unwanted bookmarks again, and they re-appear several days later. I have 'googled' my problem and it seems many people have/are experiencing this issue...

It seems to be an issue with 'syncing'. I have read countless different solutions that people have said worked for them, and none have seemed to stop this....I have turned off syncing; i have logged in & out; i have cleared my cache; i have turned sync back on. I have tried almost everything that someone suggested...

There are so many mixed theories on what the actual problem is and how to go about fixing it.

I like google chrome and would like to continue using it, but will go back to Firefox if need be....

Anyone experience this or know a definitive way to fix my problem.
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Another option is enabling iCloud support for Safari, which syncs bookmarks between computers and devices very nicely, IME. Chrome has built up some problems (memory usage is sky-high and Flash isn't too reliable) so I pretty much stopped using it. Safari has been working out much better for me. Good luck, whatever you decide to use.
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Have you rolled back a computer that syncs your bookmarks to a previous version such as with a virtual machine snapshot? That could be a cause.
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I don't have a solution to the Chrome syncing issue, other than to note that for my part, Chrome isn't as awesome as it used to be, and I actually prefer using Safari these days. As an added bonus, it means that Google has to work a little harder to learn about my browsing habits. The bookmark and open tab sync between Mobile and Desktop Safari via iCloud has been working great for me.
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