I didn't think it was going to be difficult to find a ladies quilted down vest in a subdued colour (in Toronto).
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I would appreciate any help in finding a ladies quilted down vest in a subdued colour (in Toronto). My wife has seen the offerings at MEC and several other sportswear chain stores but can't find what she wants. I have a freelance deadline to meet and can't afford to search blindly. Any good prospects between Yorkdale Mall and Queen St. W is good.

I'm hoping to find something like this
..in a subdued purple, green or grey. I'm panicking because Lands' End doesn't have her optimal size/colour in stock and our family xmas celebration just got moved up, so I don't think it could be shipped in time. The perfect vest would be light, high quality down and be thin and well fitted to a 5'4" medium ladies build.

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Did she try Marks.com?
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Eddie Bauer might have some options? There a couple of vests that look similar to the Land's End one linked. There are stores at the Eaton Centre and Yorkdale.
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I was going to suggest Eddie Bauer, too. Of late the fit for their women's outerwear tends to be rather fitted and for slimmer builds, so it should work well for somebody who wants a more fitted silhouette even with a down vest.
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Patagonia makes great vests. I love mine. If super warmth isn't as much of an issue, American Apparel also makes vests in many colors, and there are stores on Queen St W and Yorkdale (and online).
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Check out LLBean. Free and fast shipping to Canada. If you order today it will arrive Thursday and when I looked last week they still had lots of vests in stock.
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Patagonia now has a store king, west of spadina. But I also came to suggest Eddie Bauer.
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The North Face has a couple of good options, including this one that comes in a ton of muted colors. They have a store in Toronto at 151 Bloor St. West, which appears to be in the neighborhood you requested.
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Response by poster: AWESOME!!!!

...I'm feeling much more confident that I'll be able to find something.
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Response by poster: ...just reporting back to recommend that people do their online shopping early. The brick and mortar versions of Eddie Bauer and North Face had very little of their online selection available and none of it was medium/the right colour. No luck at Old Navy, Banana Republic, The Bay, etc.
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