Where to eat in Vancouver on Christmas Day?
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Where can a currently not very mobile person go in downtown Vancouver for dinner on Christmas Day? (There are, as always, a few complications: see inside.)

I had foot surgery last week and thus am on crutches and not able to do my usual trick of fleeing Canada at Christmas. But I'd like a nice dinner, even if I'm going to be my own and I'm not going to up for shopping and cooking one. So I'm looking for somewhere rather pleasant in downtown Vancouver to eat on Christmas Day. However, it has to have something decent for vegetarians and not make me feel like a freak for being there on my own. I'd really like specific recommendations for easy to get to places because of the crutches (though I am happy to take a cab, I don't want to have to spent 40 minutes in one to get there). Price isn't really a huge consideration. I live near the downtown core, hence the preference for somewhere there.
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Whereabouts do you live?
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Response by poster: The West End.
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One of the big hotels would be a sure bet. Georgia, Sutton Place, Hotel Vancouver. The Wedgewood is cozy.
And Michel Jacob has been chef at Le Crocodile for 26 years for a reason.
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Best answer: How about the Teahouse in Stanley Park?
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This is not the same at all as going out, but you can buy the take-out Whole Foods dinner for 4 for about $40-80, depending on whether you choose your own sides or opt for tofurky or what-have-you. If you are at all open to dining in and reheating it in the oven, it is a very nice assortment of dishes. I've done it for Thanksgiving and just enjoyed the meal for a couple of days!
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