Will I regret buying a cotton hoodie from this retailer?
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Have you ever purchased anything from Rawganique? If so, what was the experience like?

I'm looking to purchase a Christmas present. I want to buy a hoodie, which should be a simple purchase. But once I start adding in requirements (100 per cent cotton, full zipper, pockets in the front, drawstrings on the hood, preferably not slim-cut, available in Canada--or at least can be shipped to Canada without extra Customs duties), my options narrow considerably.

I've been looking at items from Cabela's, Mountain Equipment Co-op, American Apparel, among others, but the woman's version of Rawganique's Unisex Organic Cotton Fleece Hoodie really seems to tick all the boxes.

Since I'm not familiar with the company I did a search for reviews, and the few I found feel strongly into the "bad-to-poor" category.

If the company truly is that bad, then I'll skip ordering from it and buy the gift from somewhere else. If the reviews are anomalies and everybody here loves their purchases from the retailer, I'll put in my order.
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Sorry, link problems.
This is what I'm considering:
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I tried ordering something from them once. After a month I still hadn't received it and when I called to follow up they realized it was still sitting on the shelf and they had forgot to mail it. I just canceled the order, so I can't speak to the quality of the merchandise. This was about five years ago, however.
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Your response sounds pretty consistent with the reviews I read. Customer service was one of the issues cited, along with product quality. So I guess I'll do my Christmans shopping elsewhere. Thanks.
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I have ordered a few things from them over the years (shoes, pants, towels, backpacks).

A lot of, or all, of their merchandise is made by other companies, but Rawganique keeps it all generic looking. So, there is some hit or miss there, as not all makers are equal in quality.

Their ordering time for me was reasonable. Sometimes their available stock is not accurately reflected on their site. A call is probably warranted.

I would say the organic cotton goods will last longer than the hemp. As with any mail order, getting the sizing right for you is the most important part.
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I just read about a supposedly fabulous hoodie in Slate, made by American Giant.

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It looks nice, bluespark25, but it seems to be a) sold out, and b) likely to incur extra charges as it crosses the border, so it's out on two counts.

Slobebop: that's a really helpful answer. Thanks. If it were just for me, I'd likely take a chance and place an order. Since it's a gift, I'm still a bit hesitant. Still, as you said, a call can't really hurt. And you're absolutely right about sizing. My first choice was to buy something from a store so I could more accurately gauge the size and so that it would be easier to return/exchange, but I honestly can't find anything that meets my requirements in the numerous shops and malls I've been in. So I'm resorting to online and telephone orders.
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