Where've I heard this chanted chorus before?
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The chanted chorus of this Korean song (at about 1min) sounds very familiar to me. What song does it remind me of?
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It put me in mind of Garbage's blood for poppies chorus. Listening to them one after the other, I think it's more the phrasing than the actual melody that's leading me to that association.
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It's the most basic harmonic progression I IV V I, in four time. So it reminds you of everything.
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Blondie, The Tide Is High
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Everything, but I'm hearing Matthew Wilder - Break My Stride
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Men At Work - Land Down Under is what I immediately thought of.
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Also UB40...
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The beat and rhythm and "island" sound, though not the chorus, reminds me of Matthew Wilder's "Break my stride."
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It may be the cultural novelty of Korean music to Western ears in combination with the common "Pachelbel's canon progression" of Western music that's pinging your Very Familiar sense.
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I can see "Break My Stride," though the general feel also reminds me of Culture Club... somewhere. I'd try the rhythm on Songtapper to see what comes up, but it's not working for me.

The chanted aspect reminds me of the earwormy jingle currently used in a UPS(?) commercial, "It Ain't What You Do," by Bananarama & Fun Boy Three, from '82 (though it's a cover of a calypso song from the '30s). If you've seen that commercial that might be why it's in your subconscious.

Then again, I'd never heard the song before and thought it sounded suspiciously like the Macarena song, which obviously came out in the '90s, although apparently that was accused of plagiarizing a '70s Spanish pop song. Or a traditional children's song.

I'm sure John Fogerty and Joe Satriani are involved too somehow...
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