Where to go south for the winter?
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I'm back with another Travel Filter question! Looking for an early New Year trip, first week of January. Looking for Southern Florida. Details inside.

We were considering the Caribbean, but the holiday airfare prices mixed that decisions. We live in Florida so were considering driving way south.

Here are some stipulations, help me plan a dream trip :)

Considering the keys, but most likely not key west. Anywhere south of Miami is probably good, but if you know somewhere else that fits the parameters and is drive able that may work too.

Ability to just relax at times but also maybe spend a day or so doing adventure stuff.
Romantic would be nice for this mid-20s couple.
Resort-like area would be preferable to a hotel
Not looking for clubs, but would like to be nearby good restaurants and hangout bars
Price point should be about $200/night, def under $300/night
Probably going for about 4 nights

As always, I'm eternally grateful, as is the misses :)
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I've stayed at Hawks Cay and it was lovely. They have wonderful Florida residents deals which would bring it down into your price range. It's full service and very relaxing!
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