Christmas Proposal Ideas?
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Little help with Christmas proposal ideas?

Proposing soon and am very keen to cash in on the Christmas spirit and propose that night. So far I'm thinking about a surprise, one last present sort of thing, but beyond that I'm not sure what to do. The day is going to be eaten up by family stuff (i.e., late afternoon dinner), but we'll have the evening to ourselves. So far I'm thinking about getting a hotel room to go to with some champagne on ice, roses, etc. Still feel like there's some room to capitalize more on it being Christmas and make this a little more memorable, but struggling to come up with additional ideas. Will continue to churn this through my brain and hope to insert some cool personal touches, but wonder if anyone out there has any general ideas to share?

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It would really help to know where you're located, in terms of suggestions specific seasonal touches.

For instance, if possible, it would be great to go on an early evening walk in a local park hung with lights, or along a beautifully decorated street you both enjoy. If this walk can unexpectedly (for him/her) end at a nice restaurant or bar that's doing something special for Christmas Eve, even better!

Also, careful about the "one last present" surprises -- you have to give people a little time to change gears, or they'll just be overwhelmed and not necessarily remember the moment as well as they'd like to later on. I was proposed to on my birthday, and I was so surprised that I can't recall a single word of what my husband said to me for the next few minutes!
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For me, the holidays are about being together with family. I think you should propose first thing in the morning, and then she can show the ring to everyone you visit during the day. Assuming you guys like the family members you are seeing, it could be an incredibly warm and wonderful Christmas surprise for everyone. Then that night you can surprise her again with a fun private celebration.
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A possible downside to tk's idea is that you have trumped Christmas and made it all about you. Depending on family dynamics, this may not go over so well.
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It's depends on your intended's style. For me, the hotel room, champagne and roses moves everything away from Christmas, rather than adding to the magic of the day. My ideal proposal would be something more like snuggling together with a blanket and hot chocolate under the Christmas tree, Christmas music on low in the background, chatting about the day, telling him/her how much you enjoyed your time with family, etc. Then, at the right moment, dangling mistletoe over her head--wait, what's that? A RING dangling from the mistletoe on a pretty ribbon?--and asking him/her to kiss you as confirmation of "Yes."

But then, I'm a total cheeseball.
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If you're in a snowy place - a walk in the woods, just the two of you, would be a lovely time to propose.

(just remember to wear your woolies if you're going to be kneeling in the snow, it gets cold on the knees rather quickly)
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I'm with weeyin, I'd prefer to be proposed to at home on Christmas night rather than in an impersonal hotel room. The champagne and roses would be welcome though. I love the mistletoe idea, that's cute.
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Is the day being spent with her family, or yours? If it's hers, you may want to pop the question at a time when she can still share the moment with her family -- showing the ring, feeding off of the collective joy of the moment, etc.

I would go for Christmas morning. First gift of the day, preferably while you're still in bed.
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What does she (I'm assuming a she here) like and find most meaningful? What does she like the most about Christmas? What kinds of things does she love to do -- or, conversely, what are some things that she doesn't get to do regularly (or ever) but would be really lovely?

To me, champagne and roses seem a little unimaginative and impersonal, but then again I kill flowers by looking at them :P Go ahead and do that if she's a champagne and roses kind of girl.

Also, I agree with building in time and space to be spontaneous. You never know what will happen, even assuming she'll be 100% thrilled (which, of course, she will be). I personally had the stammering five minutes of processing time, too... and I spent it finishing an urgent email to my boss, which horrifies everyone we tell but GOD I needed a minute to myself and he surprised me in the middle of writing it, okay?

The point of telling you that is that it's a stupid incidental to the meat of our story, but THAT is what you'll remember. You'll remember the romance and all of your planning and shoving the ring into people's faces and all that, sure. But me being distracted with my phone and then making sure I could devote all my time after that to him? It's stupid, but that's really who I am. So the proposal was really personal after all ;)
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PS he was fine with it and that is why I love him so very much
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That's so sweet!

I'm assuming your soon-to-be-betrothed enjoys Christmas/finds it somewhat significant. Is your home decorated for Christmas at all? I think it would be nice to have a tree to propose next to. If you don't normally decorate, maybe you could create a little excitement by doing so, or otherwise changing up your holiday routine and being kind of cute and mysterious for a few days about doing things a little differently. Then you could bring them home and have the ring under your own tree. Put on some music and say, "This has been the most wonderful Christmas; let's do this every year from now on." Then lead them to the tree where the ring is.

Best wishes!
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Here's what my husband says:
"You have to do something beforehand. The champagne and roses should be the celebration afterwards, not the 'convincing tool' or the things that make the moment special. You want a surprise, not have her realize that this is happening.

So if you have a nice dinner, with some stuff that makes it special, you come home and see the champagne and roses, and that says, 'Not only did I propose to you today, I made it special when we came home. I planned this thing OUT, baby!'"
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I am so not threadsitting, but my husband is coming up with ideas left and right now.

"Here's what you do. On Christmas Eve or whenever, get a big thermos of hot chocolate, get in the car and drive around looking at Christmas lights. When you find a setup you like, stop the car, get out and propose there.

Then, next year, you can go out and do that again, and remember it. Turn that into a tradition."
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My partner proposed to me on Christmas morning last year. We woke up and went to our Christmas tree in our pajamas to open presents. We were all rumpled from sleep and our big dog was sitting with us on the carpet, trying to help with the unwrapping. My partner pointed to one big box and told me to open it last. When I got to that one, I unwrapped it to find two small wrapped boxes inside that one. The first box contained a Christmas ornament shaped like a dreidel (I'm Jewish); inside the dreidel was a scrap of paper that said, "Will you...". The second box held a velvet box from a jewelry store, with a beautiful ring and another scrap of paper that said "...marry me?" I promptly climbed onto his lap, hugged him and said yes, while the dog sniffed around in the wrapping paper and licked our faces.

It was pretty much perfect, because it was unpretentious and creative and a little silly.
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