Movie about a drug dealer...?
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Please help identify this 1980's movie: A drug dealer named "Butchie" is forced to overdose on his own supply

Please help me identify a movie. Here is what I know (maybe):

1. probably from 1980's
2. drug dealer was named Butchie (or Butchy?)
3. Butchie was African American
4. at end of movie, he was forced (at gunpoint?) to consume his stash of pure cocaine (or heroin?) until he died by overdose
5. overdose scene takes place in a high-rise condo (?)
6. might have been set in New York City
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Was it The Crow?
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Maybe you are misremembering Bullet?

Mickey Rourke is a junkie named Butch who gets killed. Tupac plays the drug dealer who gets killed at the end. It takes place in NYC.
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I think either Coffy or Foxy Brown kill a drug dealer in the manner you mention, but I am not able to confirm it.
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I came in to say that you're not imagining things -- this is totally ringing a bell but I can't seem to put my finger on it. It's not Angel Heart, is it?
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Perhaps White Hot aka Crack in the Mirror? Actually, it looks a lot like your synopsis, except Butchie was this guy.
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"White Hot"!

I did a Google search and found a Youtube clip. Here's another clip where the comments refer to the scene I remembered. So question answered/resolved, thanks to everyone who replied.
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