Embed print-on-demand order form on site?
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Print-on-demand that will print both my shirt and poster designs... from a purchase form embedded on my website?

I know about CafePress, Spreadshirt, CustomInk, Zazzle, etc. for shirt and poster printing from my designs, but I'm hoping to keep the buying experience embedded in my website instead of sending buyers off to CafePress or somewhere (for both analytics and site look reasons). Zazzle does seem to do this with their Zazzle API, but I'm a bit skeptical because of the quality of shirt printing I've had from them in the past. Does anyone have experience with using them this way?

Or know of other print-on-demanders that let you embed the order form in your site? (I'd prefer printers that handle both shirts and posters, but am happy to hear about any that can handle either embeddably.)

Thank you!

For people searching similar questions: This questions is similar to this question asking about a t-shirt fulfillment API, but wondering if I can embed the entire purchasing experience on my site instead of sending buyers off to a page on e.g. CafePress.
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I should add that these questions may be useful to others, but don't quite answer my query.

CafePress lets you customize the look of a shop on their site, but as far as I can tell it isn't actually embedded on your own website.

Another issue with Zazzle is their policy on what they can do with images you upload to them makes me squeamish.
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