movie help: wealthy old woman, happier poor youth
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help me id a movie: 80's. near the end, there is a widow/wealthy older woman who laments her husband's riches, insinuating their great wealth has not led to happiness. she shows the protagonist the tin foil/gum wrapper ring her husband proposed to her with when they were young, poor, and happy. any help?
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Not a movie... I believe an episode of Night Court. The widow was talking to Dan, and they end up flying to Paris on the Concorde.
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If "Night Court," then two potential matches: "Married Alive" and "Auntie Maim."
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MonkeyToes: Dan's Escort.
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Response by poster: does anyone have a clip to verify?
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Not from the 80s, but could you be thinking of the cigar band wedding ring in The Unsinkable Molly Brown?
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Ruthless People?
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The War of the Roses?
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