Nice, cheap, digital: pick two
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I'd like to buy my girlfriend a pretty, cheap, digital watch for xmas. Does such a thing exist?

She can't tell time on an analogue watch so only wears digital, and as far as I'm concerned most of them look like they're still in the 80's, and also have a million functions that she won't need or want.

I've looked through some previous similar questions and there are some really good suggestions, but the problem is most of them cost a bit, and she's the kind of person who'll get uncomfortable if I spend a lot of money on her.

So, what I'd like is something like this but for less than a hundred dollars (I'll happily pay more for shipping and not tell her about that part). Oh, and we're in Australia.

Pipe dream or reality?
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I found these ones on Amazon (and told it to filter for ones it would ship to Australia):

Purple puma (comes in other colours)

More than $100, but so cute (also in other colours)

Yellow bracelet style in rubber (also in other colours)

Purple wristband shaped (in other colours, too!)

Fruity coloured rubber (might come in other colours, but I'm beginning to see watches everywhere I look).
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Fossil makes multiple watches in that exact style for about 60 USD. Check out their line on Amazon.
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Best answer: I have Casio LDF watches in a couple of colors and I get TONS of compliments on them. They make a blockier style but I can't vouch for those.
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nothing says class like a gold-tone digital casio
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Casio f91w

The cool factor:

posted by Sonic_Molson at 5:22 PM on December 7, 2012 [3 favorites] she at all interested in learning to tell time on an analog watch? Because (a) I'm amazed and (b) most nicer watches are analog. I wonder if you couldn't buy the nice analog watch with an offer to teach her.
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Stealth digital watch!!!! You wouldn't know it wasn't just a chic bracelet.,/brand,/292/dept.html#product-images
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Do you have Urban Outfitters in Australia? They always sell watches like that.
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Sorry, meant this one
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Response by poster: I LIKE that casio one! Does away with the "screen from the 80's" look. And it's cheap too! We won't discuss how much the shipping was.

Miko, she says it's related to a learning disability and as she's 27 I don't think it's worth trying to change at this point.
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Swatch Touch

You can find them for $100 - $140 (American).
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Designer Philippe Starck did some pretty interesting watches with Fossil, including a few digital ones. They're kinda at the peak of your price point though, and I have no idea what they go for in AUD.
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