How do I connect Facebook to business page instead of personal account?
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I would like Facebook Connect to connect to the professional Facebook page I administer, not my personal Facebook page. Is this possible?

Facebook Connect is super confusing to me. I have a Facebook account that I use infrequently. I'm also the administrator of a Business page that is much more active.

I'm in the process of starting a Kickstarter project, and it has the option to connect to a Facebook account to add legitimacy. I would like to connect to the Facebook Page that has many followers and an active posting history, but it asks me to change back to my individual page.

Is this possible?
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I guess you need to connect to a personal profile, not a page. It might be legitimacy can also be added this way. For me this would make sense.

Btw. you're confusing Facebook Connect, a login service using Facebook, with connecting accounts etc. Just leave "Facebook Connect" out and you're fine.
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