Can I have the moon please, or at least draw it and label it without buying a laptop?
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Android App Filter: I want to start kvetching about my life in illustrated form. I used to be a Paint wizard but I am now on a tablet. I can't find a comparable program for Android which allows me to both draw something and then add "typed" text to it. Please, please prove I am just googlefu challenged and tell me this exists and where I can get it.

I am looking for a drawing program which will allow me to add text. Or a program intended to create a web comic. I want it to publish to the web via Wordpress in landscape orientation.

I have done some searching and downloaded multiple apps. I tentatively narrowed it down to three programs: Draw, Scribbler, and Create a Comic. But, after passing my initial baseline tests for functionality, these are just not working for me.

All three of them will publish via Wordpress. Draw can only really do so after I save the image and then publish from the gallery (which is not necessarily a showstopper). Neither Draw nor Scribbler have an ability to add typed text and my handwriting is atrocious (my sons who both have dysgraphia make fun of it -- That Bad). Create a Comic has a limited set of images to choose from. It does allow me to add text but it does not allow me to draw my own illustrations.

I am willing to draw everything in one program and then use a second program to add text. So if you know of a graphics editor that would allow me to do that, please do tell.

Any other creative solutions? Suggestions welcome. I have been wrestling with this on and off for months.

Ideally, this should be free. Or at least super cheap.

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AutoDesk Sketchbook
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Oh, sorry, that link was for the smartphone version. This is the one you want. You might have to get the pay version to get all the technical features you want, but you can definitely create just about anything with the free software.
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Thank you. I have the free version of Autodesk Sketchbook, which I had high hopes for as it looks like a really goid program. However, the free version does not publish via Wordpress. I am reluctant to pay for an upgrade because I can find no means to do landscape orientation or add text. Is there a means in the paid version to publish via Wordpress in landscape? Also, the first link indicates text can be added. I am not immediately seeing that in the second link. Does the Android tablet version also have that feature?

Just to try to preempt getting a list of everything I already tried, I also have Paint, Paint Pro, two Picasso programs, Fingercolors and Photoshop Express. If one of those has the functionality I need and I just don't see it, please clue me.
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It does on mine. Here's the main view (with the "A" on the top right being the edit text button), and here's the text editing view. It doesn't look like you can directly export to Wordpress from it, but given the quality and power of the software, I'd argue it's a minor inconvenience.
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How about Skitch?
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I have the free version of Sketchbook for Android and you can totally add text. There's a little text box in the upper right hand corner.
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It seems that in Sketchbook Pro (Android tablet version, can't speak to the others) you can save to the gallery and then export to Wordpress as long as you have the free Wordpress app installed on your tablet. The tablet version seems to be only landscape. You can indeed add text.
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I do have Skitch. I have not tried it yet. Any tips or tutorials?

I guess I will have to dig around more in Sketchbook. Those screenshots don't look like what I know and I have looked for a text option and never found it. Does anyone know of any tutorials or articles that might help? I have some eyesight issues and sometimes miss what seems super obvious to other people.

(I am breathing a big sigh of relief though to know a) It exists! and b) My googlefu isn't that bad. I have both the programs suggested so far. I just haven't figured them out.

Happy happy joyjoy)

Thank you mefites!
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I haven't looked for tutorials, alas, as I don't really use graphics stuff on my tablet. But good luck, and glad I could be of some help!
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I have been crazy busy here lately, so I haven't really followed through on this. I will, however, mark this resolved.

Thanks all.
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