Sitcom about a former hero and former villain living in suburbia together
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Okay, so there was this show (maybe on the USA network?) around 1990-ish, maybe. The premise was that a former superspy/secret-agent/hero had retired to the suburbs, and his former archnemesis moves into the house next door. They're still kind of enemies, but in a Simpsons/Flanders "friendly" way, instead of trying to kill each other like they used to. What is this show?

The only scene I remember is one where the former villain is mad at the former hero because he's able to pour beer into glasses so nicely, without excess head. And the hero says, "It's simple: tilt the glass." (this is where I first learned how to pour a beer, btw).

It was a comedy, but no laugh track, I don't think. Just a sorta goodnatured cheerful vibe. And it was multi-camera with occasional outside stuff, like Malcolm In The Middle.

Okay, that's all I got. Google keeps giving me results for G vs E, and that ain't it.
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The War Next Door?
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(someone needed your help, Michael!)
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